Prints and Textures

Prints and Textures

Mixing patterns is a major trend this year. Mixing patterns and textures gives an interesting look on an outfit. A lot of people are afraid to do this trend, but as long as you follow some rules on mixing patterns and textures then you’re good to go.
Number 1 rule for me is to know your body type. Certain patterns and textures may not look good on certain body types. For example, if your hips need some boost try wearing bottoms with bigger prints or textures.

Another, never wear two strong patterns together. If you think your top is already bold, try to balance it out with more subtle prints for your bottom wear.

Also, your patterns should come from the same color scheme because it is visually pleasant to the eye. Don’t go too matchy-matchy. Look for patterns that complement each other. For example, stripes and floral really look good together

Space the pattern out. a patterned skirt can be matched with a patterned scarf or a patterned bottom with a patterned shoes.

Lastly, add a solid with the patterns and textures. It allows the outfit to be broken out and look so much better.


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