Deciphering your body shape

As a woman, it is very important to us to dress so to our body shape. Yes, you heard it right women bodies are often classified into different shapes. You probably heard someone saying “She got an hour-glass figure” or “I got an apple shape body”. Knowing your body shape will help you accentuate your asset or cover your flaws. It will also help you choose the right diet and exercise especially for you.

Body shape is the proportion of the muscle built and fat distribution. The most common body shapes are pear, apple, inverted triangle, rectangle and hour-glass.

Pear body shape – This shape has a shapely bottom, in other words the lower body is wider than the upper body. The best asset of this shape is their tiny waist and flat stomach. Kim Kardashian is a good example of this type. Your fashion goal here is to draw the attention to your body upward and minimize your hips.

Apple body shape – Women with this body shape have a smaller shoulder and hips. Most of your weight depends on your upper body. The fat is mainly concentrated in the stomach. The asset of this body shape is the slender legs. To make an illusion of a smaller waist is your fashion goal. Also, this body shape must also show off those legs. Famous for this shape is Drew Barrymore.

Inverted Triangle body shape – This body is known for it’s athletic and strong look. It features broad chest and shoulders compared to narrow waist and hips. Their best asset is their well defined legs. The fashion goal here is to accentuate the lower body while softening the shoulders and upper body. Demi Moore is one of the best example of the inverted triangle body shape.

Rectangle body shape – It is also known as the “Ruler shape”. With a rectangle, there’s only a tiny bit of a curve at the hips. The waist, hip and shoulder widths are similar and are usually on the slim side. Slim arms and legs are the assets of this body shape. If your body shape fall in this category like Natalie Portman’s, then you want to create curves where they don’t necessarily exist.

Hour-glass body shape – This body shape is all about curves in the right places: bust and booty and set of by a tiny waist. It’s pretty much a universal perception of what is womanly and attractive. The asset of this shape, of course the curves. If you’re gifted with the hour-glass body shape just like Scarlett Johansson you got to show off those curves without getting too much over board.

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