The Perks of Having a Coffee


                        So I was busy this morning checking the Yahoo News, which I always do everyday when I saw this interesting article about Coffee. It instantly got my attention as I am a certified coffee addict. The article discussed the benefits of coffee everyday.

                   It’s benefits include reducing the risks of Type 2 Diabetes because it has chlorogenic acid that improves glucose absorption. It also acts as an antidepressant because drinking it make us feel good thus the release of dopamine and serotonin which are known as mood stabilizers. (That explains my craving for coffee when I’m super stressed ♥) And, Check this out, coffee has an anti-oxidant contents (I bet everyone is familiar with it.). According to what I have read coffee has four times antioxidant content of green tea. Studies also show that coffee, decaffeinated or not has still the same antioxidant contents.

                          But still guys, take coffee in moderation to enjoy it’s full benefits!

                          Till next time 🙂

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Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Have you had the “LSS” syndrome? LSS or Last Song Syndrome is a slang term to describe a certain song that stuck up in your head. You end up singing that song whether you like it or not 🙂 Funny ha! Well for me, I had a LSS to the song Counting Stars. I love it’s beat and the vibe it gives to you.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!


Summer is definitely here in the Philippines. Being in a tropical country, our SUMMER is extra hot (to the point of 35-40 C). And what’s the best way to beat the heat drum roll please, that’s to hit the beach. Philippines is known for it’s beautiful beaches like the Boracay (known for it’s white sands) or Puerto Galera. Tourists here enjoy the beautiful views, good food and finds and of course, the hospitality of the Filipino people. So if you’re planning to go on vacation, you might as well consider the Philippines. As our tourism campaign says, It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Books to Movies

Books to Movies

This 2014, many well loved books are going to hit the cinemas soon. But the question is, are we ready for it’s movie version. Some says to watch the movie first before watching it (perhaps, to avoid disappointment :p). But for me, I think it’s better to read the book first to fully appreciate and understand the book. Still in the end, it’s up to us what to do first. Right?!?

Ciao, till next time fellow bookworms